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Improve Your Health By Removing Toxins

Evolving research suggests that the cause of many health problems may be associated with prolonged exposure to various toxic agents in our environment. As part of your initial wellness consultation, a specialist may determine that some of your health challenges may be related to impairments or imbalances in your body’s ability to properly detoxify and remove these toxic compounds.

The body’s capacity to carry out this complex process of detoxification has to do in large measure with nutrition.

Certain foods can burden the detoxification machinery of your body, while other foods can help it.


We have had much success in addressing the detoxification needs of our patients utilizing nutritional detoxification products by Metagenics and Ortho Molecular. We also offer Detox injections with Glutathione. Some of our patients may benefit from a Myers’ Cocktail of vitamins and glutathione. Depending upon your body’s detoxification ability and health status, we will work with you to determine which products will best meet your particular needs. *Please note that results may vary from patient-to-patient and cannot be guaranteed.

To best determine if one of our detoxification programs is right for you, please call our office, 602-266-8144, to schedule an appointment for your wellness consultation today.

For more information on detoxification programs with the Metagenics™ product line you may also visit their website at

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