Looking for a lift without surgery? Try Thread Lifting!

Aging happens. Once we hit our 40’s our skin stops producing collagen and elastin starts to degrade, leaving our skin looking more wrinkled and saggy. As this process becomes more advanced, we develop jowls and loose skin around our neck and jaw line. If you find yourself standing in front of the mirror and pulling your skin back toward your ears, then Nova Threads might be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Several years back, thread lifting was performed using permanent suture material, which, unfortunately, led to problems as the skin around the threads continued to age, exposing the permanent thread. These threads were subsequently taken off of the market (with good reason). We now have safer and equally effective threads that are absorbable. The two products currently on the market are Silhouette and NovaThreads. While the two brands are made of different suture material, both are absorbable and associated with far fewer complications that the previous versions. These new, updated, thread lifts are quickly gaining in popularity as they provide a subtle lift without requiring invasive facelift surgery.

NovaThreads use PDO material which absorbs over the course of 4-6 months leaving behind new collagen in its wake, resulting in overall improvement for over a year. NovaThreads come in both lifting and smooth varieties, designed to address skin laxity as well as texture and wrinkles in areas that are amendable to dermal fillers or Botox. These threads are done as simple, in-office procedure, taking no more than 30-60 minutes to perform. Results from the lifting threads can be seen immediately. Smooth threads rely on the patient’s ability to form new collagen to improve texture irregularities, with results seen over time.

Threads are a wonderful adjunct to other anti-aging procedures such as fractional laser resurfacing, dermal fillers and Botox. Combined together, patients can achieve natural, long-lasting results without having to visit their local plastic surgeon.

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