When Did I Start Looking Like My Mother?

Ever wonder who that face belongs to when you look in the mirror each morning? Are you still feeling like youthful yet looking more like your mother with each passing day? Well….there is hope!

Minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures have come a long way over the past decade. There are now safe and effective alternatives to facelift surgery…quick injections that can help to eliminate lines and wrinkles, and lasers that can turn back the hands of time!

One of the most outstanding examples of anti-aging technology came when fractional laser resurfacing procedures were discovered around 2005. Prior to this time, all we had were fully-ablative, painful lasers that required 1-2 months of healing time before patients began to look human again. With the advent of fractional laser technology, the healing time was cut down to days instead of months and yet provided patients with very impressive results.

Fractional lasers can be either non-ablative; creates collagen through thermal “zones” without evaporating skin – or ablative; creates microscopic columns of evaporated skin. Both types of lasers can yield great results, however the non-ablative lasers require multiple treatment sessions and results can vary between different devices. That said, the benefit of non-ablative technology is that downtime is typically only a couple of days. Fractional ablative lasers, on the other hand, typically require 7-10 days of downtime but results are far more noticeable after a single session.

My fractional laser of choice has always been the SmartSkin CO2 Laser by Cynosure. This has been my ‘go to’ laser for over 7 years and has proven itself to be a safe and reliable tool, allowing me the ability to easily laser away wrinkles; sun damaged skin, acne scars, as well as reduce precancerous lesions in the treatment area. It is most commonly used on the face, around the eyes, neck and chest areas but also works great for scars or other textural irregularities anywhere on the body. Most patients describe looking at least 5 years younger after a single SmartSkin session. Treatment isn’t without it’s challenges however, one must be prepared to look worse before they look better! We mandate that all patients use a very specific post-care regimen to insure proper healing along with pretreatment with antibiotics and other medications to avoid complication and infection. It’s all worth it though, if you can find a week to hide out, because the results are amazing.

So, my advice….if you’re over 45 years old and you’re looking for a WOW-type of result without surgery, consider a fractional CO2 laser treatment. Fall and winter are the perfect times to consider this sort of treatment if you want to look fabulous this holiday season.

For more information on laser resurfacing options at Paradise Medspa, check out our website at paradisemedspa.com or give us a call at 602-266-8144.

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