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Detoxification Programs & Liver Cleanse

Cleanse and Revitalize Your Body with our Detoxification & Liver Cleansing Programs

Cleanse and revitalize your body with our detoxification programs and liver cleanse solutions, designed to support your natural detox processes and enhance overall well-being. Our comprehensive programs eliminate toxins, boost energy levels, and promote optimal health, helping you unlock a renewed and refreshed self.

The Right Ingredients

Choosing The Right Nutrition and Ingredients Is Key

We all know that saying “You are what you eat” holds truth, and emerging research reinforces the notion that many health problems may arise from prolonged exposure to toxic agents in our environment. During your initial wellness consultation, our specialist will dive into potential impairments or imbalances in your body’s detoxification process, as these could be linked to certain health challenges, ultimately highlighting the crucial role nutrition plays in supporting effective detoxification and the removal of these harmful compounds.

“Certain foods can burden the detoxification machinery of your body, while other foods can help it.”

Detox: What You Need to Know

How It Works

Detoxification is the natural process of eliminating toxins and harmful substances from the body through organs like the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, and lymphatic system. These organs work together to filter out toxins and promote overall well-being. At Paradise Medspa & Wellness, our comprehensive detoxification programs support your body’s natural detox processes, guiding you through personalized protocols tailored to address imbalances and enhance your health.

Detox and Therapy

Gentle Detox

Experience a gentle detox with our 10-Day Clear Change Program. Follow a specialized diet and enjoy detoxification drinks and vitamins to alleviate chronic headaches, fatigue, and body aches.


For more information on detoxification programs with the Metagenics™ product line you may also visit their website at www.metagenics.com.

Lymphatic Therapy

Enhance your immune system and support detoxification, cleansing, body contouring, cellulite reduction, and nutritional optimization through our Lymphatic Therapy. This therapy utilizes Photon Light Therapy to stimulate lymphatic drainage for optimal functionality.

Single Treatment, $200

Package of 6, $1,100

A Better More Confident You Awaits

Experience a transformation like no other with personalized cosmetic, wellness, and skincare treatments. Our services are expertly designed to help you radiate confidence and feel your absolute best. Lets work together to help you achieve your goals today!