Melt Away Your Double Chin with Kybella

At Paradise Medspa, many of our patients come to us and express their concerns about the appearance of their profile. They share their feelings of embarrassment about the submental fat below their chin, or what many call their “double chin.” In fact, a study conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery revealed that 67% of people are bothered by their under-the-chin fullness.

If you find yourself experiencing similar feelings, know you’re not alone. And with our services, know that you don’t have to feel this way any longer. Kybella, a non-surgical treatment option, permanently removes the submental fat pad below your chin.

Follow along to determine what Kybella is, what clinical research says about this procedure, and if it’s the right treatment for you.

What is Kybella?

Here, you will discover the ins and outs of Kybella, including how it works and what to expect during your appointment, procedure, and recovery stages.

How Kybella works

Kybella is a treatment that works to remove the fat located beneath your chin. Its active ingredient comes in the form of a deoxycholic acid. The patented formulation of deoxycholic acid, also known as ATX-101, aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. This acid is injected directly into your tissue, causing the destruction of fat cells. Once destroyed, those fat cells cannot store or accumulate fat any longer.

As the first and only FDA-approved injectable for reducing fat underneath the chin, Kybella gives you long-lasting improvement to your submental fullness. With visible improvement appearing within just 2-4 treatment sessions, your results will leave you feeling confident in your profile.

What to expect

At Paradise Medspa, we strive to be completely transparent with our patients by educating them on what to expect before, during, and after their procedure.

The consultation appointment

The first step to undergoing our Kybella treatment is to set up a consultation appointment. During this appointment, our friendly staff is there to help. We’ll first take the time to determine your unique needs to ensure that Kybella is the right option for you.

Once this is determined, we’ll answer any and all of your questions or concerns. This helps you feel comfortable and confident in your treatment decision. At the end of your consultation, we’ll assist you in scheduling your procedure appointment.

The procedure

The next step to expect during your Kybella treatment is the procedure. In an effort to remain honest and open about the treatment, we’ve listed the steps you should anticipate below:

1. You’ll be greeted by our physicians upon arrival.

2. The physician will then answer any of your questions.

3. When you’re ready, the physician will inject the solution into your submental fat beneath your chin.

4. After the procedure, results will vary. Previous results have included a significant reduction in submental fat below the chin area for a crisp jawline.

The procedure itself is customizable to your desired results. Depending on how aggressive you’d like to be with your treatment, we’ll tailor the procedure to you. For example, if your submental fat is more severe, we may conclude that additional injections within one treatment session is necessary.

The recovery

Kybella is a unique treatment in which there are few risks and no recovery time. You should expect to experience results within 2-4 treatment sessions and return to your daily activities the day after your procedure.

Some common complications of Kybella include swelling, soreness, and bruising. If you have any concerns about these potential side effects, we recommend contacting our office to set up a consultation appointment. Our experienced staff will help you work through these hesitations.

Is Kybella proven to work?

At Paradise Medspa, our goal is to provide every patient with the opportunity to feel great, both inside and out. To achieve this, we’re committed to providing state-of-the-art treatments that are proven to work.

Specifically, in order to determine if Kybella is successful, we’ve evaluated the product on several aspects including:

  • Clinical research
  • Previous patient success

Clinical research

With an emphasis on global clinical development programs involving 20 clinical studies, Kybella is proven to work through FDA approval.

The FDA approval of Kybella was based on two identical, placebo-controlled trials in healthy patients. The patients tested were ages 19-65 and were predominately made up of female patients. Depending on the severity of each person’s condition, patients were treated up to six times, approximately one month apart. Of the 1,022 adults tested, 68.2% of patients successfully responded to Kybella. The success of the results was based on a composite of validated patient and physician measurements.

For additional information on clinical research and FDA approval of Kybella, the following resources are both useful and credible:

Previous patient success

At Paradise Medspa, in addition to clinical research, we base the success of our procedures off of previous patient results.

Although we can’t guarantee the success of your Kybella treatment, the majority of our patients were able to achieve their desired profile through Kybella injections. Below are the before and after photos which prove this claim.


Is Kybella right for me?

Before undergoing any procedure, it’s important to feel fully confident and to be fully educated in your decision. This helps you to establish accurate expectations for your end results. The same logic applies to Kybella. Before making any immediate treatment plans, you should weigh the pros and cons to determine if Kybella is the right option for you.

Should you feel that Kybella fits your needs, contact us to set up your consultation appointment.


  • Submental fat reduction
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • No required anesthesia
  • No downtime
  • Clinically proven to work


  • Minor swelling, bruising, or redness

Your next steps

Don’t let your submental fat beneath your chin affect your self-esteem any longer. Melt away your double chin by contacting Paradise Medspa. We’ll help you schedule an appointment and determine what treatment option is best for your desired results.

For further information on Kybella, visit My Kybella for frequently asked questions, product information, and more.

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