Paradise…10 Years of Transforming Lives

February 18th, 2018 marked the 10 Year Anniversary of Paradise Medspa & Wellness! More than 100 of you joined us in celebrating this momentous occasion last week at our T-Shirts & Tiara’s Party. It was so wonderful to see all of you there, some of you have been patients since our doors first opened! It was fun to reminisce about the early days when we started off with just 2 employees – one front desk and one laser technician/aesthetician. We had only 2 lasers and a dream, so to speak. Well, a LOT has changed over the years. New faces, new technology…but one thing has remained the same – it’s always a “Great Day in Paradise!” This is more than just how we answer the phones, it’s our Paradise culture.

Over the years, we’ve strived to transform lives, not just faces or bodies and, as evidenced by the spectacular turn-out at our anniversary party, we’ve succeeded! Technology in the field of aesthetic medicine has evolved rapidly and we’ve adapted to meet the demand. More advanced lasers for skin resurfacing, new technology for body contouring, new options for dermal fillers and other injectables and we have been eager to grow. We’ve certainly enjoyed being part of the evolution of cosmetic medicine, but more importantly, we’ve enjoyed being a part of your lives.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Over the years, we’ve tried out technology that hasn’t met our expectations and we’ve had to make the difficult decision to part with those technologies, often at a substantial financial loss. In 2014 we also attempted to expand our practice into the Scottsdale area, and when it was obvious to us that this was hurting our Phoenix practice, we had to throw in the towel. I’ve definitely made my fair share of mistakes in this business, but I’ve learned from them and I believe that it has helped us to become a stronger, more customer focused, practice. It’s important to us that we can deliver on the promises we make to our patients. First and foremost, with regards to keeping our patients safe from harm; secondly, that the treatments we offer result in the desired outcome for our patients; and lastly, that our patients always “feel the love”. I am not willing to do anything that sacrifices these three principals.

So, here we are at the 10 year mark, and while it’s fun to look back at all of the good times and reflect upon some of the not-so-good times, what I am really doing is looking forward to the future-these are exciting times! We are now able to safely and effectively offer our patients non-surgical solutions to the majority of their cosmetic concerns. As more patients are seeking less-invasive options to help them look and feel younger, we will be here to deliver. We truly have some of the best technology and talent available on the market (I’m not just tooting my own horn – our entire team is amazing). From state-of-the-art laser and radio frequency devices to advanced injectable options, and the latest skin care products, we have everything you need to FEEL PRETTY!

There are new treatments on the horizon that I am enthusiastic about as well, one in particular that combines plasma energy with helium gas to effectively ‘shrink wrap’ skin, offering results comparable to facelift surgery without the need to excise skin. I am also hopeful that, over the next 10 years, we will come up with technology and techniques to cure other troubling issues such as acne, melasma, and even certain skin cancers. The research is happening and great minds are working diligently toward finding these solutions, so I am confident that these solutions are on the horizon.

Lastly, I want to sincerely thank all of our loyal patients, family and friends of Paradise. It’s been a crazy, fun ride and I am anticipating many more successful years together. Without your support, my dream of Paradise would never have become a reality. After all, it’s the relationships that we’ve built over the years that make what we do so rewarding. Patients come to us to help make their lives better, they expose themselves emotionally and physically, and entrust us with their insecurities. I am truly honored that so many of you have put your trust in Paradise.

Dr. Weiss

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