The HCG Diet: How Does it Work for Weight Loss?


There’s no greater feeling then stepping onto your bathroom scale and seeing you’ve lost weight. Whether the couple of pounds you lost were due to long hours at the gym, sticking to a strict diet plan or overcoming late night cravings, it’s exciting for you to see that the steps you are taking in order to live a healthier lifestyle seem to be working. However, most people have to wait days, sometimes even weeks or months before noticing a small difference in their weight. But what if we told you that you could lose up to 1-2 pounds a day, not weeks?


Paradise Medspa offers an advanced method of losing weight and sculpting your body that produces faster results than ever before with our Rapid Weight Loss Program using the HCG Diet! Developed by Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons, the program uses HCG injections and a very low calorie diet (VLCD) of only 500 calories to significantly reduce the amount of stored fat. Before you start asking yourself how an amazing weight loss program like this exists, read further to find out why the HCG diet is the right diet for you!


HCG Diet verses Other Diet Programs

To start things off, here are a few key differentiators between the HCG diet and other diet programs.


  • Exercising—there is none! Spending time at the gym in order to lose weight is not mandatory for the HCG diet program.
  • Feeling of hunger—the HCG hormone not only increases the metabolic rate at which you process fat, but the effect it has on the hypothalamus will often leave you feeling stuffed. Even with only eating 500 calories!
  • Waiting for results—unlike all other diet plans, the Rapid Weight Loss program gives you noticeable results fast! Spend no more time waiting weeks to find out if what you are doing to lose weight is working.
  • Cost—weight loss programs such as Jenny Craig and NutriSystem can cost you thousands of dollars overtime and don’t guarantee the results you want in the end.
  • Muscle—when you are on a standard diet of eating healthy, you have the potential to lose muscle along with unwanted fat. The HCG hormone retains muscle mass and targets only fat, helping you lose the right type of weight faster.
  • Support—we offer continuous coaching and support while sharing healthy recipes and a future message board for patients to share their success stories.

 What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced during pregnancy that supports the normal development in the ovary and stimulates the release of an egg during ovulation. The hormone uses stored fat to provide calories for an unborn child, giving the child the required nutrients to properly develop. HCG also serves as an operative method to treat infertility in women by triggering their body to start the process of ovulation.


HCG has been around for years and has previously helped improve several medical conditions. But most importantly, and for perhaps the same reason you came across this article, the HCG hormone serves as a great way to increase the metabolism of stored fat and ability to lose weight rapidly!


How HCG Injections Help You Lose Weight

Once you come in for your HCG injections, your body will start processing fat naturally. As you’ve previously read in the information above, the HCG hormone is produced by the placenta and used to deliver nutrients and calories to an unborn child during pregnancy by tapping into areas of stored fat.

In the absence of pregnancy, the HCG hormone transfers 1,500+ calories in fat alone out of fat storage areas and processes it for fuel. This means you can expect to lose fat in the most difficult areas of the body and feel energized without spending time at the gym.

Areas in which unwanted fat are commonly stored and is difficult to lose include:

  • Arms
  • Stomach
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Buttocks

Throughout each day of your treatment, your body is operating on all of the calories from the stored fat and an intake of only 500 calories selected from a fat-free diet. With these two methods in place and a set of rules for you to follow, you will notice a 1-2 pound weight loss in fat, per day!

Is The HCG Diet Safe for Men?

Due to HCG injections being the preferred method of our Rapid Weight Loss program, men can sometimes seem hesitant to try the HCG Diet knowing that the hormone is massively produced during pregnancy in women and is considered a form of hormone therapy. The good news is the diet program is completely safe for both men and women! The dosage regime for each treatment is far too small to result in a hormonal imbalance for both sexes.

If you take the time to really think about it, everyone was given the HCG hormone while in the womb—both men and women—so don’t let that stop you from losing weight!


The Rapid Weight Loss Program at Paradise Medspa!

Knowing what to expect is the first step in making the big decision on how you want to go about becoming a thinner, healthier you.

What to Expect Before Starting The HCG Diet Program

Before the start of your treatment, we may perform an initial body composition analysis, pertinent lab work and show you how the future message board is a great place to look for help hints from patients and read delicious meal recipes.

What to Expect During Your HCG Diet Program

Our 28 day program includes 23 daily HCG injections, weekly B12 injections (for treating and preventing low vitamin B12 levels in the blood) and 4 weekly visits to our office for weigh-ins and positive coaching. A Paradise Medspa physician will also go over the approved and non-approved food options you are allowed to eat during the next month. Sticking to the fat-free list of foods is essential to the program, and not doing so will result in a lower total weight loss if not properly monitored.

We want this diet to be a comfortable and positive experience!

Looking and feeling good could get you one step closer to getting the most out of life, so call Paradise Medspa for more information on our Rapid Weight Loss program or call to schedule a consultation at 602.266.8144!

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