Jawline Contouring

Getting that Strong, Chiseled Jawline You Always Wanted.

As dermal fillers in Phoenix become more widely used, new applications are being uncovered for jawline contouring with a wide range of product options now available as well as novel locations for injection to improve facial shape and structure. In the past, we typically treated older patients to correct the typical signs of aging, however, we are now treating patients of all ages who simply wish to augment certain facial features such as their nose or jawline.  

With age, we experience facial fat volume loss as well as resorption of our boney structure. Bone loss along the jawline contributes to jowl formation. Restoring the boney architecture of the face with jawline contouring will help to re-drape the skin creating a tighter appearance. In the jawline, specifically, injections of dermal filler to the pre and post-jowl sulci as well as to the mandibular angle of the jaw can give a more defined jawline and tighter appearance to the skin of the upper neck. I also find that using products such as Sculptra® in the lateral face, or preauricular area, in front of the ears, can provide lateral traction to the lower face and jaw, resulting in a tighter appearance to the skin as well as improvement in marionette lines and nasolabial folds. 

In men with softer jawline structures, adding volume along the lateral jawline and mandibular angle can give a more masculine appearance to the face. This is becoming a very popular treatment amongst young men as sites like Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat have expanded awareness of this as an option for aesthetic enhancement. 

Liquid rhinoplasties are also on the rise with dermal fillers being used to reshape the nose, hiding small imperfections and giving the nasal tip a more lifted appearance. Caution should be placed when treating this area, in particular, however due to the risk of vascular occlusion and the few resulting cases of blindness that have occurred worldwide. Patients should be advised that this is an advanced area and only experienced dermal filler injectors should be performing these types of treatments. A consultation is always recommend.


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