Need a little stimulation in your life? Not quite ready for injections or minimally-invasive hair restoration therapy? Low-Level Laser therapy may be your answer. Utilizing FDA approved low-level laser therapy to stimulate follicle growth, you’ll see improved thickness in your hair over time.  Perfect for the patient who is thinning and needs a boost.

As you comfortably sit in our chair, we begin the procedure by placing you under the laser unit which hovers over the top of your head. Once activated, this painless and safe technology effectively combats hair loss at a cellular level by energizing weakened follicles and revitalizing your natural hair cycle. The laser energy encourages your hair follicles to complete the hair cycle faster, thus improving your overall hair growth!

This procedure is ideal for anyone looking to grow hair over the entire scalp, as opposed to one area of thinning. The laser also works by reducing inflammation in the hair follicle and boosting the blood circulation in your scalp, so your hair not only grows back faster, but stronger and healthier than before. *Please note that results may vary from patient-to-patient and cannot be guaranteed.

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